With over 25 years’ experience in the Hamilton-Wentworth community, we know how to get the job done right — with exact workmanship, quality materials and exceptional communication. We value your input at each project phase, and we value your time and monetary investment in your home. As such, we strive to stay on time and at the original quoted price.

Servicing the Greater Hamilton area, The James Ling Group Ltd. provides a number of different design, build, and home renovation services. We are a design company as well as construction company with James Ling acting as General Contractor.



Since a very young age James has been surrounded by people in both the design and construction industry. His father was a designer as was his brother. This led him to taking a job at Alterra and complete his Architectural Technologist diploma from Mohawk College.

He then built his business which thrives on word of mouth advertising, a testimony to his reputation in the many communities he has worked in. Putting your own name as your company name leaves nothing to hide behind meaning that you are dedicated to every project that comes your way, big or small.

Up-to-date knowledge on building materials and products allows clients to feel comfortable in their choice of contractor. His unique position of having experience in both the construction and design aspects lead to projects that are well thoughtout and complete. Flexible consultation times and the desire to complete a job with happy customers are why they so readily pass on his name.

James has a diploma from Mohawk College as a Architectural Technician. James has his Contractor’s License with the City of Hamilton and is a registered designer with a Building Code Identification Number number (BCIN).